Peace is in front of your eyes, 2017

Shian Yuan Yachi graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, who has continuously worked and researched as an oriental-calligraphic ink painter for more than 10 years. Taiwan Art Bank, an institute sponsored by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and several private institutes, has collected her works. As a professional artist, Shian Yuan Yachi had works participated in AArt-Citizen Art Shanghai, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Chinese Contemporary Ink- Hong Kong Christie’s and some other different exhibitions among East Asia during the years. She was also a contemporary art reporter in Taiwan. Now she works and lives in Oslo.

Painting with ink on rice paper have a long history which can be traced back to 10th century in China, a period of time when it was slightly earlier than the beginning of Song Dynasty (962-1276 AD). This tradition has spread out among East Asia. It is highly connected to metaphysical lines and ink brushstrokes as the core of the aesthetic value. As a contemporary ink painter, Shian Yuan Yachi reaches out to explore the theme of its painting tradition. She openly practices different techniques using most of the water-based pigment, both classic and modern. Her works painted on both sides since rice paper is thin enough to show part of strokes according to the speed and strength of hand with the density of ink and color. They are tradition colors made of rocks, earth, shell, plant, and acrylic, watercolor, gouache as well. The works she creates are based on a meditative attitude toward both chaos and beauty nowadays.