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Jeg Kaller det Kunst


National Museum of Norway



2022.4.9~2022.5.4 with 118 drawings

Meet the artist 2022.5.1 kl.14-16


Hagegata 22, Oslo (Tøyentorget )

Tøyen Startup Village

Jeg er kunstnerd

(I am art nerd)

Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang

I came to Oslo about 4 years ago. Oslo is not a big city compared to both populations and areal comparing to the main cities I worked and lived in Taiwan. However, it is relevantly international, multicultural, and full of start-up dynamics. People from different cultures and nations stimulate rapidly towards each other.

Nevertheless, I am still the same nerd, a fake extrovert, who has a pair of heavy glasses and spends enormous amounts of time on unpopular, little-known, non-mainstream activities. That is to continue my research and enjoyment on lines by drawing and painting in comprehensive calligraphic methods. Sometimes I don’t care what I paint or draw but more about how I move my hand, even the result can differ a lot according to materials, size, the input of time.

One of my biggest paintings is going to exhibit in the New National Museum when it’s open in June. The name of exhibition is “ Jeg kaller det kunst”. It means I call it art. This curatorial name has made me think a lot. As an artist for painting for almost my whole life since five, maybe I don’t make any art at all except those 2 works going to exhibit in the museum. Or maybe it indicates that those works, that are being selected in a national art museum can be shaky to be identified as a piece of art. It’s very fascinating, at least for myself, to line out both abstract and concrete forms, no matter it’s philosophical or visual.

On the one hand, I am simply just doing some activities because I don’t know other better ways to connect myself well enough to this strange and fabulous world. I am just nerdy and doing these activities to stay in my comfort zone. But on the other hand, since I am an artist and still alive, every piece of paper that has my trace with lines, skills, and forms can be potentially a starter to become a piece of art. Every nerdy moment I had, no matter it was on the bus or at the beach, in the studio, or along the streets, it’s going to influence the next move in my life-long activity so-called art.

As you know the Oslo dialect swallow often ‘d’ sound, so “kunstner” and “ kunstnerd” can sound almost the same. I just made out this word “ kunstnerd” when I learned artist in Norwegian is “kunstner” in 2019. As an artist officially registered in Norwegian Association of Visual Artists and a nerd, I am very happy to create a new word, some piece of drawings and collages after sketches to show how an art nerd start a life and an early, impromptu stage of the process in visual production.

Thanks to Tøyen Startup Village to let this show happen and if you wish to see some finished and unfinished paintings in my studio, welcome to contact me at dofunstudio@gmail.com or simply visit Oslo Open on the 24th of April. https://osloopen.no/nb/kunstnere/4383

Boys Love

RAM galleri, Oslo

August 12th to Sep22th 2021


Vaginale2020: SISYPHUSIALISM 薛西佛斯雅主義 2020 solo

4.7- 4.12 18:00-23:00

Opening 4.7 tues. 18:00

Haidgasse 7a,1020 Wien, Østerrike

 (The exhabition is canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic,  both Norway and Austria is locked down before the end of March 2020, as a document, it is still looking forward to be realized in the future.)

Great Openess 大開大荷, 2018-2019, ink and water-based color on rice paper, 180x435cm

In the aesthetics of East Asia classical art, mountain-water landscape painting is highest in the rank, my life is soaking in and dealing with such sophistical cognition as culture descendant Chinese-literati and ink painter.

However, all the literati ideals are about how to be a greater man and its spiritual heir. Men passing on to men through literally about 1000 years after, as a female painter who wishes to join the process and find her seat among them is like mission impossible even today.

Sisyphus was a smart man that fuck off Zeus and got internal punishment to roll up a huge stone to the mountain top every day in Greek mythology. In my aesthetic world, I am Sisyphusia and try to inherit and pass on such aesthetic values which I don’t have the penis to assert its authority. My stone is not just falling down every day, they are breaking down into pieces while Zeus and along with other Gods are fucking me. The extra task is put back the stone before rolling it up, and the Gods blame you didn’t able to roll that changeable stone to the mountain top.

My sisyphusiastic art road does not just see the tragedy of how we are repeating the same unfulfilled and endless goal in front of its mountain, but see the cruel and crucial joy that how I can’t put back the stone in the same way that gives unpredictable possibilities. Before or after it falls, my stone is the same but with dynamic form from day to day while I am fucking Gods and expecting my new-old baby stone to hardcore roll.

This is My SISYPHUSIALISM, and probably many other HERS.

Hybrid Scenery 混血風景 2019 solo

Taiwan, Tainan, 182 Gallery , 2019.10.10-11.30

I use flowers often as metaphoric subjects to indicate life and death and humanity. I’ve been influenced by a strong tradition built up by Literati Painters since the 11th century in China. It is a mainstream throughout East-Asian art history that ignores human activity but anthropomorphize and idealize nature the most. Such skills and results provided a unity between spiritual human and physical nature. We have a saying “Painting as painter, and painter as painting.” So to reflect who I am and develop a transcendent attitude toward life is rather important than objective leading realism.

Oslo is very international. Everything is new for me and hybrid. I am inspired and impressed by culture, society, language, and climate in Norway. However, I also aware how minorities, refugees and immigrants struggle and try to live their life here and I am one of them. But Oslo allows me to view life from a much broader context. Here I see more opportunity to vibrate and contribute to society than ever. I am no longer used to the motive which I was familiar with. How to reflect my new identity and growing interest in reflecting a life that aware of gender equality and highly freedom of speech. And nudity is natural and open which can be discuss then a shameful taboo.

This exhibition is the first solo I have in Taiwan after I moved to Oslo, about east and west, male and female, life and struggle, toward my understanding of the mixture of the Nordic culture and Oriental Ink Art.


TM51 Gallery (Fridtjof Nansens plass 6 – next to Oslo City Hall and Parkveien 5), Oslo, Norway
January 31 – March 31, 2019 (extend to April 24)



We are pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Taiwan artist Shian-Yuan, Yachi (b. 1983), her first with the gallery.

Painting with ink on rice paper have a long history which can be traced back to 10th century in China, a period of time when it was slightly earlier than the beginning of Song Dynasty (962-1276 AD). This tradition has spread out among East Asia. It is highly connected to metaphysical lines and ink brushstrokes as the core of the aesthetic value. It recreates a transforming natural world with countless expressions of lines and strokes and their harmonies which were inspired by nature. To a certain period around the 17th century as late Ming and early Qing dynasty, these inspirations became dogmatic rules, such as the line rules of painting trees, waterfalls, flowers, houses …the stoke rules of painting stone or earth. Especially works considered as the mainstream throughout the history by the literati-painters. Since the literates honor so highly about the connection between calligraphy and painting. Eventually, it turned out to be a stereotyped format with only grey tones or very few colors which only indicate cold tone and warm tone in between ink as some neutral tone. And all that aesthetics and ideal were served as self-cultivation for noblemen but not women.

As a contemporary ink painter, Shian-Yuan, Yachi spent years experimenting both limited and expanded usages of media. She reaches out to explore the theme of its painting tradition. She openly practices different techniques using most of the water-based pigment, both classic and modern. Her works were painted on both sides since rice paper is thin enough to show part of strokes according to the speed and strength of hand with the density of ink and color. They are tradition colors made of rocks, earth, shell, and plant, also acrylic, watercolor, gouache. Variants of elements interact differently with rice paper.

The exhibition title – Peace Is In Front Of Your Eyes is named the same from the series exhibited by the square of Oslo City Hall. Shian Yuan Yachi reflects the outlook on life in responding to her current status as a new Oslo resident in her art life. Her inspiration draws close attention on Norwegian value such as honoring human rights and gender equality, that is, a woman and an artist with a belief of the humanity that does make individuals live their life the best from the mud and dirt, resembling the lotus flowers which is the subject and symbol of her paintings.

Shian-Yuan, Yachi graduates from Taipei National University of the Arts. After that, she has continuously worked and researched as an oriental-calligraphic ink painter for more than 10 years. Her works have been collected by Taiwan Art Bank, an institute sponsored by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and several private institutions. As a professional artist, Shian-Yuan, Yachi had works participated in AArt-Citizen Art Shanghai, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Chinese Contemporary Ink- Hong Kong Christie’s and some other different exhibitions among East Asia during the years. Before she came to Norway, she was also a lecturer in Tainan National University of the Arts and art magazine writer.

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MARCH 17th 14-15:30 pm

Q&A discussion by art historian Sladjana Dragicevic and Artist

Fridtjof Nansens plass 6


HAGEN MIN 我的花園 2018 SOLO

The exhibition is in one of the museum’s gallery (Stein School, Årnes) of Akerhus museums. Norway

Great support from local public with successful opening in August 4th and newspaper report.




Flower Myth 牡丹可以像個蕩婦 2017 sOlo

2017.11.19 -12.17, Yiri Art Gallery, Taipei

The exhibition was in Taipei, Yiri Art Gallery, with 10 meters wall first time showing <Peace is in front of your eyes> series and other paintings inspired by Nordic European and Indian art …