Weeds Life 草堂系列 2013-2015


42庭園閑步 2015水墨、泥金宣142x141cm(22才)
Walk In Our Garden 庭園閑步, 2015, Ink on paper, 142x141cm, Taiwan Art Bank
03殘春圖2013 水墨、泥金宣 131x75cm(10.9才)
Late Spring 殘春, 2013, Ink on paper, 131x75cm, private collection
04嘆微圖2013 水墨、泥金宣131x65cm(9.5才)
Tiny Sighs 嘆微, 2013, Ink on paper, 131x65cm, private collection
05LONESOME蘭(龍舌蘭)2014 水墨、泥金宣 138x77 cm(11.8才)
Lonesome Orchid 龍舌蘭, 2014, Ink on paper, 138×77 cm, private collection
39秋遲 2014 水墨、泥金宣 132x76cm(11才)
Late To Fall 秋遲, 2014, Ink on paper, 132x76cm, Taiwan Art Bank
41野史 2015水墨、泥金宣141x75.5cm(11.8才)
Wild, Her History 野史, 2015, Ink on paper,141×75.5cm, private collection
40春盡 2015水墨、泥金宣137x69.5cm(10.5才)
No More Spring 春盡, 2015, Ink on paper,137×69.5cm, artist collection
43絮語 2015水墨、泥金宣 141x67cm(10.5才)
Chatter Incessantly 絮語, 2015, Ink on paper,141×67.5 cm, private collection
44 露涼 2015水墨、泥金宣 110x77cm(9.5才)
Cold Dew 露涼, 2015, Ink on paper,110×77 cm
45 歲朝 2015水墨、泥金宣140x54cm(8.4才)
Picture for the New Year 歲朝, 2015, Ink on paper,140×54 cm
02欲雨圖 2013 水墨、泥金宣 127x74cm (10.4才)
Desire To Rain And Talk 欲雨, 2013, Ink on paper, 127x74cm.
38 寂淡 2014 水墨、泥金宣 74.5x76.5cm(6.3才)
Wabisabi 寂淡, 2014, Ink on paper,74.5×76.5cm, private collection
37低見塵埃 2015 水墨、泥金宣 73x63.5cm(5才)
Low To The Dust 低見塵埃, 2015, Ink on paper, 73×63.5cm, private collection
28 獨立 2014 水墨、泥金宣 141x38cm(6才)
Independence 獨立, 2014, Ink on paper,141x38cm, private collection
27消色 2014 水墨、泥金宣 93x39cm(4才)
Vanish 消色, 2014, Ink on paper,93x39cm, private collection
34薄暮 2014 水墨、泥金宣 139x26.5cm(4才)
Twilight 薄暮, 2014, Ink on paper,139×26.5cm, private collection
36夜奔 2015 水墨、泥金宣 141x35.5cm(5.5才)
Night Flight 夜奔, 2015, Ink on paper,141×35.5cm, private collection
35乍寒 2015 水墨、泥金宣 136x20cm(3才)
First Cold 乍寒, 2015. Ink on paper, 136x20cm, private collection
32楔子 2014 水墨、泥金宣 141x40cm(6.3才)
Preface 楔子, 2014, Ink on paper,141x40cm, private collection
31 THE EARTH 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38x48cm(2才)
The Earth 地球, 2014, Ink on paper,40x46cm, private collection
12夜落 2013 水墨、泥金宣 40x46cm(2才)
Night Fall 夜落, 2013, Ink on paper,40x46cm, private collection
11盛夏的野草 (4)2013 水墨、泥金宣 73x45cm(3.6才)
The Weeds Left From Summer 盛夏的野草, 2013, Ink on paper, 73x45cm, Taiwan Art Bank
10盛夏的野草 (3)2013 水墨、泥金宣 73x30cm(2.4才)
The Weeds Left From Summer 盛夏的野草, 2013, Ink on paper, 73x30cm, Taiwan Art Bank
09盛夏的野草 (2)2013 水墨、泥金宣 73x45cm(3.6才)
The Weeds Left From Summer 盛夏的野草, 2013, Ink on paper, 73x45cm, Taiwan Art Bank
08盛夏的野草 (1)2013 水墨、泥金宣 73x45cm(3.6才)
The Weeds Left From Summer 盛夏的野草, 2013, Ink on paper, 73x45cm, Taiwan Art Bank
07左手香2013 水墨、泥金宣 46x62cm(3.2才)
P.cablin 左手香, 2013, Ink on paper,46x62cm, private collection
06石中草 2013 水墨、泥金宣 57x46cm(2.9才)
Weed in Stone 石中草, 2013, Ink on paper,57x46cm, private collection
30雨季的原作 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38x46cm(2才)
Original Copy In Rainy Season 雨季的原作, 2014, Ink on paper,38x46cm, private collection
29芳鄰 2014 水墨、泥金宣 39x42cm(2才)
Decent Neighbor 芳鄰, 2014, Ink on paper,39x42cm, private collection
33 跋 2014 水墨、泥金宣 35x140cm(5.4才)
Postscript 跋, 2014, Ink on paper,35x140cm, private collection

16不朽(四) 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38.5x47 cm(2才)15不朽(三) 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38.5x47 cm(2才)14不朽(二) 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38.5x47 cm(2才)13不朽(一) 2014 水墨、泥金宣 38.5x47 cm(2才)

Immortality 不朽, 2014, Ink on paper,38.5x47cmx4pc, private collection

04 Radiation as Not good for health 8pc-serie 2014 38.5x47cm

No good for health 兀合壽, 2014-2015, Ink on paper,36.5×46.5cmx8pc, private collection 8-

56山水.花 (4)2016水墨、泥金宣 54x41 cm(2.5才)55山水.花 (3)2016水墨、泥金宣 54x41 cm(2.5才)54山水.花 (2)2016水墨、泥金宣 54x41 cm(2.5才)53山水.花 (1) 2016水墨、泥金宣 54x41 cm(2.5才)Landscape Flower 山水 花, 2016, Ink on paper,54x41cmx4pc, private collection

52 夜色 2015 水墨、泥金宣 74x38cm (3.12才)

Nightgown 夜色, 2016, Ink on paper,74x38cm, private collection

51 紅玫瑰與白玫瑰 2015 水墨、泥金宣 101x47cm(5.2才)Red Rose and White Rose 紅玫瑰與白玫瑰, 2016, Ink on paper,101x47cm, private collection

A tribute to Novelist Eileen Chang (1920-1995)