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Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang




2019.5 /Oslo

About Artist

Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang (1983-) graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, who has continuously worked and researched as an oriental-calligraphic ink painter for more than 10 years. Taiwan Art Bank, an institute sponsored by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and several private institutes, has collected her works. As a professional artist, she had works participated in AArt-Citizen Art Shanghai, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Chinese Contemporary Ink- Hong Kong Christie’s and some other different exhibitions among East Asia during the years. She was also a contemporary art reporter in Taiwan. Now she works and lives in Oslo.

About Painting 

My painting is about the energy of living through different subjects, the subjects are highly connect to my life visually. Usually I find the contrast to express such as contraction and expansion, peace and chaos, embracing and parting, female force/ Ying and male force/ Yang. It is like two directions when where Sisyphus stone moves-daytime it raises and nighttime it falls. As Buddhism’s teaching, color is emptiness, emptiness is color. We can understand it as “dream is reality and reality is dream” in modern psychology. In my understanding, it is to show the contradictions in harmony.

I am like Sisyphus, repeating the procedures of construction and destruction, however on this road of rolling stone which never been expected by anyone except myself, I have seen the unbelievable changes and new experiences that have occurred to me on the very same route, enlighten both my life and art-life to be a better human being. Therefor being “Sisyphusia” is full of suffering yes but unexpected bless indeed.

Especially when I think about how to create “herstory” to balance “vistory” instead of “history”. As a philosophical girl almost throughout my whole life, I am not even able to picture a philosophical painter as a female figure even today, especially in the relevant classical fields. Lacking of awareness and the models, hidden glass ceiling, many discouragement from society still to drag a female person away from being extraordinary by mastering discipline and being creativity. Women still get much credit by trading sex and related image more than asserting original theory and innovation. Even feminist and feminism can’t avoid to feel the same. But we also have to think that as woman today we can join the trip of rolling stone rather than being stoned, weather it is physically or spiritually.

I am happy to share Sisyphusialism and its visual manifestation through the years. Looking forward to receive all kinds of feedbacks and dialogs as part of the living art.

I find myself like to observe men more than women because they sexually attract me. Many Feministic expressions somehow excluded men as they don’t wish to be defined and objectified by men, so the focus is always on how women see ourselves in Feminism dialog. PEN GUTT ( beautiful boy) series started in the beginning of 2020, two years after I move to Oslo and I have accumulated numerous sketches which I have drawn randomly in the city. I found in these drawings male figures are more than female figures, and I realized this is how I experience Oslo, by observing nice looking or (good for drawing ) guys from all over the world. After Corona lockdown and keeping social distance, I shifted my eyes on social media, only by seeing men’s profile and imagine other peoples life and knowing a little what they like or do is very inspiring. So my beautiful boy figure comes from both imagination and reality, collectingthe moment and the glance I especially cherish. Through these figures I am painting my self portrait. They all share some part of my dreams, characters, desires and experiences.




MFA. Tunghai University, Taiwan

BFA. Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan


Her og Der new immigrant artist supporting program(2019-)

Member of Oslo International Forum (2018-)

Lecturer of Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan (2015-2017)

Editor of ARTCO Art today Magazine, Taipei (2016-2017)

Member of ACTU-Art Creator Taipei Union (2014-)



2022 / Jeg kaller det kunst / National Museum / Oslo / Norway

2021.3 / Livet er en stor fest/ Gallery F48/ Oslo / Norway


2020/ Ny I Norge/ Hå gamle prestegard / Nærbø / Norway

Solo & Dual

2020 / Sisyphusialism / Vienna / Austria (unfulfilled due to Corona)

2019 / Hybrid Scenery / 182 Gallery / Tainan / Taiwan

2019 / Peace is in front of your eyes / TM51 Gallery / Oslo / Norway

2018 / My Garden / MiA-Akerhus Museums / Årnes / Norway

2017 / Flower Myth-Peony as a Will / Yiri Art Gallery / Taipei / Taiwan

2015 / Clear & Stuffy – Bai Yu x Shian Yuan / Red Gold Fine Art Gallery / Taipei / Taiwan

2014 / Laido-Bai Yu x Shian Yuan / A Gallery / Taipei / Taiwan

2013 / Do-Fun in a small square – Bai Yu x Shian Yuan / 107 Gallery / Taichung / Taiwan

2012 / Eskort-different awareness between calligraphy and painting / No. 43 space / Taichung / Taiwan

2011 / A tree in front of the house II / Little Banana Art / Kaohsiung / Taiwan

2010 / A tree in front of the house I / Caffè5160 / Taichung / Taiwan

2008 / Dream Era / Butchart Art Gallery / Taipei / Taiwan

2007 / People in front of you / Taichung Culture Center / Taichung / Taiwan


2016 / Chinese Contemporary Ink / Christie’s / Hong Kong / China

Art fair (selected)

2018 / Harbor Art Fair 2018 / Marco Polo Hotel / Hong Kong / China

2017 / Art SanyaBeach / St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort / Sanya / China

2016 / Singapore Contemporary Art Show / Suntec Exhibition Center Halls / Singapore / Singapore

2015 / AArt-Citizen Art Shanghai / Literati’s Secret Life curated by Yun Art Space / Shanghai / China

2015 / Young Art Taipei (YAT) 2015 / Sheraton Grande Hotel / Taipei / Taiwan

2014 / Asia Contemporary Art Show / Conrad Hotels & Resorts / Hong Kong / China

2014 / Art Kaohsiung / Chateau de Chine Hotel / Kaohsiung / Taiwan

Group (selected)

2019 / Journey of Light / Prithvi Fine Art and Cultural Center / New Delhi / India

2018 / Faint in subtleties / Share Art gallery / Kaohsiung / Taiwan

2018 / Lighting in an Alley / Da Xin Art Museum / Tainan / Taiwan

2017 / Living with Ink / Borderless Space / Kaohsiung / Taiwan

2017 / Wittingly and Unknowingly / Share Art Gallery / Kaohsiung / Taiwan

2016 / Dreamland of Diaspora Exhibition of Modern and Modern Taiwanese Ink Paintings / Yilan Art Museum / Yilan / Taiwan

2016 / Liberal Arts and Literati – Ink Painting and Gold Painting at Tunghai University / National History Museum / Taipei / Taiwan

2016 / Garden as a hundred landscapes / 182 art gallery & Asir Art Museum / Tainan

2015 / Art Contemporaneity Taiwan / Ginza Kosin Gallery / Tokyo / Japan

2014 / Early Spring-select young artist / Shijie Gallery / Taichung / Taiwan

2011 / Seclusion in a humid room / Z Space / Taichung / Taiwan

2009 / A place-an oriental linguistic environment and circumstances / Taichung No. 43 / Taichung / Taiwan

2008 / Clearing Minds with Tea and Ink / Chuan Tuo Art Gallery / Taichung / Taiwan

2007 / Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City / Taichung Culture Center / Taichung / Taiwan


Collections (selected)

2016  <Walk in our garden> (2015), <Late Autumn> (2014), <<Weeds in the summer series >> (2013) / Taiwan Art Bank / Taichung / Taiwan

2014  <<Weeds series >> (2012) / Silks Place Hotel / Tainan / Taiwan

Awards and Grants (selected)

2008 / 2th Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial / New Artist Award / Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial Committee / Taipei / Taiwan

2007 / 2 years Artist Grants in Visual Art / Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation / Taipei / Taiwan

2006 / 20th Exhibition of Fine Art department

/ First ranking in ink painting / Taipei National University of the Arts / Taiwan


2017 / Imago Mundi: Cold Current- Contemporary artists from Norway / Catalog / Antiga Edizioni / Treviso/ Italy / ISBN 889965746

2016 / Dreamland of Diaspora- Exhibition of Modern and Modern Taiwanese Ink Paintings / Catalog / Yilan / Taiwan / ISBN 9789868239333

2016 / Liberal Arts and Literati- Ink Painting and Gouache Painting at Tunghai University / Catalog / Taipei / Taiwan / ISBN 9789860488104

2014 / 4th Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial / Catalog / Taipei / Taiwan / ISBN 9789860158564

2008 / 2th Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial / Catalog / Taipei / Taiwan / ISBN 9789860158564

2006 / 1th Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial / Catalog / Taipei / Taiwan / ISBN 9860071985